El Rey – Tacos A Vapor – Live Interview

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Taco Tuesday today. This Live Stream is from El Rey Tacos A Vapor. I am so excited about this place. I have been watching their stuff on Instagram. Go follow them there. @elrey_tacosavapor Liliana and Fernando founded this business. Fernando’s grandmother started this style of tacos in Tijuana Mexico. This is a family-owned business and also Liliana has done a lot of work researching these taco stands. Located throughout several pop-up locations. Today it was at 1282 3rd Ave.Chila Vista CA. Wow! I can’t wait. #Tacos a Vapor in San Diego🌮🍖 Kitchen/Cooking •Family tradition 60+ years in Tijuana👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👑 •Soft steamed taco🌮🔥 •Shredded beef & more🥩🐷 Like my shirt? 

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Do you like tacos? I love tacos. Join me on my journey to find the best taco.

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