Established in 1965, San Diego, CA.

I am first generation taco bender in the USA. My mom was from Mexicali Baja California and my dad was born in Los Angeles (L.A.) but grew up in Mexico. I grew up speaking only Spanish and eating homemade tortillas every day. Now you know why I love tacos. Well almost…

Growing up in San Diego, we used to go to Tijuana (T.J.) Mex. every two weeks. We would do our grocery shopping there and my mom would go get their hair done and my dad and I would go get our haircut at the barbershop. While my mom and sister were at the grocery store my dad and I would go eat at a nearby taco stand. My mom would tease me and tell me they were made from dog or cat meat. So meow it was pretty tasty if it tasted ruff just add more salsa Hahaha!

My dad met my mom at a Mexican restaurant. She was a tortilla maker and my dad said that she made the best tortillas. They were so good that he married her. My mom would make fresh tortillas every day.

I married an Argentinian girl and they don’t eat tortillas, what a shame. She was amused that I would always eat my meals with tortillas. Thanksgiving turkey too. What can  I say? I love tacos, all kinds of them.
I have lived in Switzerland for a short time and really missed my Mexican food. I would make my own while I was there. One of my friends who is still in Switzerland said to me, “why don’t you start a Youtube channel all about tacos?”, and this is where this adventure started.

I have decided to share my Taco Foodie passion with you and share some recipes as well. If you are ever in San Diego please hit me up if you want to know a good taco shop,

Frank Martinez
One More Taco TV Host