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Thanks for joining me in experiencing The Taco Foodie Adventure. I hope that you’re crazy about tacos like me and love talking about them. We are going to have a great time.

– Frank, Taco Aficionado

when hunger calls, trust the tacos


Discover new taco shops, explore new recipes, be adventurous, and expose everyone to the love and joy of tacos.


Making videos and showcasing the magnificent and wonderful taco and Mexican food. 


Lets taco ’bout your fillings and create a taconnection!

Inhale tacos and exhale negativity.


Travel across the world and try your abuelita’s tacos. Most importantly, make everyone addicted to tacos!


Frank Martinez

Taco Foodie | Taco Critic | Taco Lover

My home base is Chula Vista California, a city just south of San Diego. You can see TJ (Tijuana, MX.) from where I live. I am a Uber and Lyft driver (rideshare). If you want to know where is a good taco shop is just ask your driver.

I have been eating tacos since before I can remember. I learned from The Taco Master himself, Don Pancho my dad (RIP). We would go to TJ every other week to go to the barbershop and eat tacos.  My dad met my mom at a Mexican restaurant. He was a patron and she was the tortilla-making lady. He told me that her tortillas were so good he had to make her his wife and keep her tortillas to himself, it sounds dirty.

We will be exploring the taco shops, restaurants, and food trucks near me and far. Plus I will be attempting to prepare some of the recipes that I love to cook. 

Frank Martinez – One More Taco TV Host

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